Did you know that buying a personalized jewelry can be a lot of fun?

Are you running out of ideas finding friendship gift for your sister, friend, or girlfriend?

Are you looking for unique bridesmaid gift ideas? Or are you the mother of the bride and in need of a wedding jewelry?

Or perhaps you are looking to save time finding jewelry that can be worn day to night?

Simply Serasi has the right kind of jewelry for you. We are dedicated to simple minimalist jewelry. Our handmade jewelry features clean lines and a modern look. Perfect for professional women looking to showcase their creative feminine side. All jewelry pieces are handmade at the Simply Serasi studio in Rhode Island.

Our bestseller pieces are found in our art deco geometric jewelry.

What is art deco jewelry?

Our art deco jewelry is inspired by the clean lines, geometrical forms, and figurative design from circa 1920 to 1935. This simple and elegant form of Simply Serasi art deco jewelry allows women the freedom to wear the jewelry seamlessly from office hour to cocktail night hour, from casual time events to black tie events. 

Also POPULAR in our collections is the initial and name necklaces.

What is initial necklaces?

Our initial necklaces contain one to three letters or symbols of your choice.

What is name necklaces?

Our name necklaces features 1-3 names or words (with symbols as an option) of your choice.

Personalized to the wearer, this kind of sentimental jewelry is a unique and easy gift for your BFF, girlfriend, mother or grandmother, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or the bride herself.

The possibilities are endless! The word can be customized for inspirational word to motivate your sport team members, or a group of volunteers, or your work team. It can also be the first word your baby utter.

Meet the Designer

My name is Rosa. I grew up on the island of Java in the Indonesian archipelago. I didn't realize it at the time, but growing up I was always an artist in some respect. I designed fashion for paper dolls and tried different medium of arts and crafts. I came to the US as a bright-eyed engineering student. My engineering background gives symmetry and geometric influence to my work. Later, when I started making jewelry full-time came more organic influences. Taking one jewelry making class years ago was my point of no return - I got hooked. I think I have found my dream job.

Currently I live in Rhode Island with my husband in our happy home, where I introduced him to a rice cooker and he introduced me to a toaster.

Serasi (sè-ra-see) is an Indonesian expression for harmonious coexistence of personalities and styles. Indonesia's rich, laid back and diverse culture embraces this philosophy in every way, ensuring that life transpires in balance.