Will your silver jewelry tarnish?
All silver jewelry will tarnish eventually. Here's how you can slow down the process:
  1. When you are not wearing your jewelry keep it in the ziplock bag provided.
  2. You can buy anti tarnish strips of paper, which is made by companies such as 3M, and place it in a closed container with your silver jewelry. The paper absorbs the sulfur and prevents the silver from being tarnished.
  3. Place your jewelry on last and take it off first when you get back home.
  4. Don’t wear your jewelry in saunas or swimming pools
  5. Avoid getting hair spray, perfume and cosmetics on your jewelry which can contribute to tarnish.

Can I ship directly to my gift recipient? Can I include a gift message?
I include an order receipt with every package. If your package is shipping directly to your gift recipient, please let me know that it is a gift - I will include a gift receipt instead. You can also personalize your gift with your own message at the checkout - I'll be happy to include a card with your message.

What does gold filled or rose gold filled mean?
You may have heard the term gold plated before. While gold plated only has a thin film of gold, gold filled has layer of gold that is bonded to a base metal (usually brass) of at least 5% gold by weight of the total product. It's much more valuable than gold-plated and a more affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry. Gold filled has a lifespan of daily wear of between 5 to 30 years before wearing through. As for the rose gold filled, the rose or pink color comes from copper that was added to the gold. All of my gold filled and rose gold filled jewelry are 14 karat.
Do you take custom orders?
I love to collaborate and listen to your design inspiration, so if you have something in mind, feel free to contact me. If I can do it, I'll be happy to do it. Once you PLACE the order I can BEGIN working your project.
Do you sell wholesale?
Yes! SimplySerasi Collection is carried in select boutiques. Please contact me for details.
Does your delicate jewelry have a limitation?
Because it's delicate, SimplySerasi jewelry is not intended for children under the age of 12 years or anyone with a very active lifestyle. Wearing it gently is recommended to prolong its life.
Can I order a single earring?
Need a replacement for lost earring? Want a mismatch earring? Or wearing a single earring is simply your style? The cost typically equals to half a pair. Just ask me. I'm happy to make you one and set you up a private listing :).